Rules for dating a photographer

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Rules for dating a photographer

So I thought I would write a list of things that I have learned over the years as I have progressed from a small desk in my bedroom to a slightly larger work area in my living room (gotta learn to work in small spaces here in NY).

Retouching skin for hours on end can make your eyes droopy and have you feeling like shoving a screwdriver into your brain.An up and coming tool often used by CEOs, but yet still frowned upon in the work place, the quick mid-day nap can clear your head and reset your energy for the day.It is also a great way to break up a long retouching session when you get to the point where you can’t tell red from green.It is what most people will look at when considering you for a job and so your effort and/or money should be invested here. Set up shoots with friends or seek out aspiring models who are willing to work in exchange for photos. You focus so much on getting jobs and doing them well that you forget to actually shoot for yourself.Make sure it is easy to navigate and in HTML (NO FLASH! Keep in mind that you are only as good as your worst photo, so don’t just throw up every photo that you think looks decent. As long as the finished product looks great, your clients don’t have to know that these weren’t paying jobs. A daily blog will keep you doing this, shooting things that you love, and it will help you improve on a daily basis.

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If someone asks you to go above and beyond the initial agreement, don’t feel bad about explaining this and asking for additional payment.

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