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The user can use their double to do certain activities that the original don't have time to, and when the user touches their double, it dissipates the double and the memories from the double will be absorbed by the user's mind, The Perrier Cup- this 250ml cup has the ability to continuously refill with any liquid that was poured into it beforehand, Portkyn Patch- this eye patch gives the wearer the ability to see through walls with whatever eye is covered, Chaplin Suspenders- gives the wearer the ability to conform one's body to whatever space, no matter how small or awkward,- induces disinterest in all those who happen to look at the wearer of the earrings until they are removed, Magical Preservation Jars- preserves anything put into it and is unbreakable, The Crane Satchel- based off of Hermione's moeskin pouch from canon, given to Harry by a a goddess in china, The Peach Pits- a small bag of fast growing peach pits that once removed form the bag and tossed onto the ground will grow a tree of magical pears, given to Harry by a Chinese goddess.

For those who enjoy more outdoor activities there is mountaineering, hunting and fishing.June - Harry, 8 yrs old, pace-floating somewhere between Salfords and Tonbridge, comes up with the idea to try shrinking and enlarging things. June- Harry, 8 yrs old, leaves Wick, crossing the English Channel.June- Harry, 8 yrs old, stops in Cranbrook perfecting his shrinking/enlarging powers completely, calling is Sized or Sizing. June- Harry, 8 yrs old, arrives in France and meets Ragnarock, a Goblin.June-Harry, 8 yrs old, leaves the Goblin’s cave, heading further inland into France.July 4th- Harry, 8 yrs old, a week after the goblin encounter and still in France, Harry decides to keep a journal.

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