Real sex no credit card ever totaly free

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Real sex no credit card ever totaly free

I really loved it at first, it was sweet and very very fruity. But then the more I got to know about perfumes and smelled other perfumes, the hype about this one died down for me. But I don't wear it on 'special' occasions After hearing all the amazing reviews, I decided to go ahead and purchase this during a VS sale online. Smelled good on the card and the store smells good because it's everywhere but once I put this on my skin, it turned into drugstore men's cologne. I've seen a few reviews refer to this awful change but I didn't truly appreciate just how disgusting it could be until it happened to me. It’s a decent tropical fruity perfume but doesn’t last long on me.To my disappointment, it smelled very synthetic and cheap to me. Didn’t understand why it was named Bombshell, that’s a misfit for such a tame perfume. Completely disagree with the below review, as a guy I don't care about the bottle since I have no intention of owning this fragrance for myself, but after testing it today I must say I would love to smell this on a woman I'd never bothered to try any of their women's fragrances but tried this as well as Noir Tease and Eau So Sexy and all 3 were surprisingly really nice Sorry for the language but this perfume is a total shit.Victoria `s Secret Bombshell appears in the September of 2010.Fruity, aromatic and floral fragrance contains notes of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. 8 out of 10 for me, since lasting power is not good and it really stays close to the skin.

This is my first perfume ever, this perfume got me on the perfume obsession bandwagon. It’s a fresh fruity floral smell which is not too sharp, nice and pleasant but nothing remarkable.I'm sure it smells differently when someone else is wearing it, but it is kind of hard for me to go throughout the day smelling it on myself. On a positive note, I heard it is a good mosquito repellent. No one would like it if it hadn't been presented in a glowy sweety bottle under the brand -VS.Well to my opinion almost all the perfumes of these brands ( VS, bath and body works) are kind of unnecessary. Just way too "ordinary" which would never make me sniff the air twice and ask the lady what she wears. This is a nice perfume, but nothing memorable or special either.I've been wearing different fragrances in the last few months and sadly I have to say I hardly get any complimets...:-( well, I wore this 3 times this week and every single time I had people (men and women) stopping me and asking me what I was wearing!

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For true, always sexy "bombshells” – the women with an attitude that require attention. Bombshell was created by Adriana Medina and Mark Knitkowski. Not the type of perfume that I would consider as my signature, but something I would possibly reach out on days I cannot decide what perfume to wear. Great for day wear since it really smells fresh and sweet. This is an easy wearing perfume but dont be fooled, its a heart weakening ones :) its light ,yummy and sexy.