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The widespread use of "coitus ensues" in TV series has reached the extent where nearly every original scripted series made for cable, streaming, the BBC and some Australian networks that isn't clearly made for children seems to have at least one such scene per episode these days, especially as actual nudity is not a prerequisite.This last point has come into play in recent years as sex scenes have started to appear more frequently in PG-13 rated productions (where as long as there's no nudity anything is fair game) and even the occasional film or TV show that is promoted as being family or YA dramas.We give you the chance to explore your sexuality safely and securely with no restrictions or censorship.BBW Dating is 100% confidential, we do not disclose your personal details under any circumstances.I didn't catch any of the ensuing dialogue, but it must have been pretty fucking convincing, because I looked away for one second and after I looked back, the three of them were having lesbian sex on the snooker table."A gratuitous sex scene that is sudden and sends the narrative into a screeching halt to accommodate the ensuing coitus.

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