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And does it also make more sense now why we have so little recorded human history prior to roughly 2000BC?

Of course when the Romans burned the Library of Alexandria, we lost what little we even had then. When asked by a newspaper reporter about the first atomic explosion, Robert Openheimer, widely considered to be the father of the atomic bomb, apparently answered with something cryptic about the explosion being the first one in modern times." He is also widely noted to have quoted Indian history while watching his first nuclear explosion, "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds..." Frederick Soddy, a well known physicist from around the turn of the last century, said this in 1909.

But the weird part is that the locals also have legends associated with the valley.

They include details of an ancient war fought between highly advanced races, using huge weapons located here that apparently were capable of shooting down threats from the air (including interplanetary threats - according to the history channel anyway).

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In short, through a series of crazy events, he rises in power until he is also a prince of Egypt, second only to the Pharoh himself.

(Remember, various ancient peoples were known to be expert seamen, and for this phrase to refer to the entire world, and for Egypt to feed the entire world, was not a huge logistical impossibility. But they also had more than just ships to get around in too. The Earth shook, scorched by the terrible heat of this weapon.

It is formed ONLY inside weapons grade, breeder nuclear reactors. It was an abandoned, ancient, weapons producing nuclear reactor..."I believe that there have been civilizations in the past that were familiar with atomic energy, and that by misusing it they were totally destroyed."On every single continent, there are areas where they can find or have found what some people have dubbed "Seas of Glass," either on the surface, or buried under centuries of dirt, where the sand and/or dirt has literally been fused by intense heat into glass.The colour of these seas varies according to the mineral content, but they are everywhere.From all points of the compass the arrows of the flame rained continuously!" This destruction was caused by, " a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe!

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Would you believe that the moon even has at least one sea of glass on it?

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