Oracle consolidating databases questions to ask a woman you are dating

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The secondary site where your Active Data Guard is being replicated is missing.

The license rules change frequently (as a result of the quickly-changing hardware), so this August 2005 survey may not apply to your special cases.If, on the other hand, you used SPARC VII processors, the core factor is 0.5.The same CPU setup would only require 8 licenses in that case.Historically, Oracle has also sold "unlimited use" licenses for large corporations, but they are not mentioned on the Oracle Store web site. standby servers (where you use the standby server for Oracle transactions) may require an Oracle license.Many Oracle shops are now using Oracle replication tools (Oracle Streams, standby database, data guard, multi-master replication) to create a standby Oracle server as protection against hardware failure. "Standby - In this type of recovery, a copy of the primary database is maintained on a separate server at all times.

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There is also this 2003 article titled "Oracle is Putting the Support Screws to Customers" with similar recommendations.

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