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Gothic art was often typological in nature, reflecting a belief that the events of the Old Testament pre-figured those of the New, and that this was indeed their main significance.Old and New Testament scenes were shown side by side in works like the Speculum Humanae Salvationis, and the decoration of churches.

You would be hard pushed to find another UK alternative clothing store selling as much plus size clothing as we are! plus brands inspired by the legendary Killstar including Folter,and Gothic Attitude! or which Hell Bunny Dress needs which Banned accessories...Increased literacy and a growing body of secular vernacular literature encouraged the representation of secular themes in art.With the growth of cities, trade guilds were formed and artists were often required to be members of a painters' guild—as a result, because of better record keeping, more artists are known to us by name in this period than any previous; some artists were even so bold as to sign their names.Christian art was often typological in nature (see Medieval allegory), showing the stories of the New Testament and the Old Testament side by side. Images of the Virgin Mary changed from the Byzantine iconic form to a more human and affectionate mother, cuddling her infant, swaying from her hip, and showing the refined manners of a well-born aristocratic courtly lady.Secular art came into its own during this period with the rise of cities, foundation of universities, increase in trade, the establishment of a money-based economy and the creation of a bourgeois class who could afford to patronize the arts and commission works resulting in a proliferation of paintings and illuminated manuscripts.

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