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And ghosting after a short amount of time dating shouldn’t generally be devastating. But you were together for three years, and you lived together! That’s some serious emotional destruction that you inflicted there.

I’m not surprised that she contacted your family and friends; she was probably worried about whether you were alive or not! If you came home one day and your long-time partner was gone and had left no note, would you just shrug and go on with your life, or would you try to figure out if she were okay or not?

But acknowledging your behavior is better than not acknowledging it at all.

You’ve been through the hell that is a breakup and if that wasn’t enough, you’ve just found out that your ex is dating someone new.

Sylvia was rather emotional and became obsessed with the relationship, tracking me down, even causing various scenes with my parents and friends. I now work as a math teacher in an international school. I read the bio of the new boss and googled her and was shocked to discover it is Sylvia.

I have been in other relationships since, so Sylvia is a sort of forgotten history. This week, I learnt that our fantastic school director suddenly resigned due to a serious family situation and had to move back to her home country over the summer. We have not been in touch and do not have any mutual friends anymore.

But more importantly, I am happy and settled here so do not want to move.Sylvia wanted to settle down but I was not ready to commit so young.We clearly had different expectations from the relationship.It is clear this will be not only embarassing but I will also be reporting to my ex.I am not in a position to find another job at present.

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You can try and see what her take on it is, but I’d be prepared to have to move on, whatever that might look like for you.

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