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Nude hopscotch

There is something about art, but that seems secondary.To be clear, I’ve definitely thought about going full Burning Man just by myself.About 20% of the people pretend to be more spiritual than they are; 50% of them use drugs to reach nirvana; and the other 30% I would never want to spend time with, because actual spirituality is insufferable.”“It’s like Woodstock, where people get together. There are also animal sacrifices.”I’ve never been, but I’ve read cracked articles about what happens there.

After a few days of incomprehensible insanity, during which a few masterful works of art are created (and a lot of really bad ones), everyone buries their flower crowns and and runs, hollering and nude, all the way back to San Francisco, Portland or New York City to gush about how the desert changed them, how the gifting ‘economy’ really just makes sense and how we wouldn’t understand.

Anyone seen departing for another city is immediately shot dead, and their bodies are used for art installations at Wasteland Weekend less than a month later.”“Pseudo-catharsis. Everyone is so drunk that they don’t really know what’s going on, so most people just give into it.

Carpenters bring giant phallic statues they’ve been working on all year and light them on fire in the center of intersectionality chant circles. There’s no currency, so you trade canna-butter and a brief blowjob for a lighter. Or maybe it’s this female-empowerment thing, where these women get together and build statues of men and burn them?

More generally, I think you just lounge around tripping and trying not to die from the heat/sunburns.

The group sex in theory includes people of all ages and descriptions, but in practice it’s just hairy old dudes.“I imagine thousands of people around the country all think in snowflake unison, ‘My life would be better with more drugs, nudity and moral hedonism.

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