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No payments no sign ups just sex

There are a number of plans in place for future titles to be published by Chang You EU and so we’re looking forward to a bright year ahead of us. Our company is growing quickly and we’re very excited about the future prospects of the European subsidiary.

But having to work on a game she knows and loves is not as easy as it seems and she is a very, very busy little bee. This week we bring you an interview with Chang You (EU) Marketing Director Mirko Gozzo which hopefully bring you a step closer to the behind the scenes of TLBB! What was the reason behind naming this game ‘TLBB’ and do you think it’s a good marketing decision for the target audience in Europe?

The character wipe has allowed people to start anew and go head to head with the best players what in turn has multiplied the numbers of Kung Fu adepts on our servers!

The new phase means : – Players can now register without having to obtain Beta Keys first – a new refer-a-friend scheme – all new in-game features – chances to win new mounts – new NPC rewards – a chance to win a trip to China This Easter Holiday is time to pick up your weapon and engage within the world of TLBB in the Martial Arts MMORPG’s newest version!

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