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As Raven was leaving the examiner suggested that Raven think about taking his Mastery in DADA with teaching credentials, that he had a very strong aptitude for the subject.

probably mad, but definitely brilliant.” Harry assured her.“Right, well… He listened and watched and by the end of the session, Raven could see that man had actually picked up some of Raven’s shield variations and was using them, instead of the standard shields.

They knew he was gay, he’d told Ginny way back in third year, while everyone one else was freaking out about Sirius escaping from Azkaban, he told Ginny and Hermione, together. The Black family bloodline would continue, but the Potter line would die with him. Hermione’s mouth opened and closed a few times, before she leapt across the table and enveloped him in a tight hug.“Brother! “I’ve always wanted a brother.”“As your new brother? Raven fled at Marcus’ instruction and travelled by muggle transport to London, where he approached Gringotts with his inheritance issues.

Placing the second plate on the table, Harry sat quietly and ate his meal, keeping his eyes firmly fixed on Hermione. She turned, looking for Harry, finding him sitting on a bench at the table, watching her. “You said, you’d listen.”He dropped back onto the bench and waved a hand.“Go on, then.” He snarled.“Harry Potter dies, but you don’t. And over the next three hours, that’s exactly what he turned out to be.

Jealousy over the closeness that Harry and Hermione shared. Jealousy over the ease that Harry and Hermione had with magic. He dragged her into motion, the closest he would ever get to dancing, voluntarily. A few sniffles answered him.“Mr Potter has submitted a Written Will and has recorded it Verbally as well. I give to you the dowry that was provided for you at birth and removed, again by Orion.

For a bit it seemed to work, a smile graced her face and her limbs lost that heaviness that had been present all day. They gradually slowed to a halt, their eyes meeting and leaving. Doing this requires that he declare that he is of sound mind and under no compulsions and Lady Magic must accept his vow, before the Will can be official. To this I add the sum of ʛ5000 and two pieces of jewellery, of your choice, from the Black Jewellery vault.

Harry watched as Hermione tied the scarf that Ron had given her for Christmas, around the trunk of a tree near the loch where they’d spent the night, both of them hoping – and dreading – that Ron would return. Fred and George exchanged speaking glances as they sat, one on each side of a frail-looking Hermione.

Then there was that familiar and hated pull, right behind the navel. Harry made his way, carefully, across the broken rocks of the escarpment towards the tent. and Mrs Weasley.” Hermione paused and took another breath. “They’re going to put a potion in your food, a love potion. They may not be the best of friends, but they were no longer enemies.

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A rift had been created with the knowledge of Ginny and Molly’s plans, plans thankfully never acted upon, but just the knowledge that they had planned it?

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