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With only a phone number and/or a country entered, Global Phone Verification can determine whether the phone number is valid for the region and identify the country of origin from the international access code.

Delivery statistics for all city carrier routes, rural routes, highway contract routes, general delivery units, and Post Office Box sections may be obtained from the Delivery Statistics File or through alternate processes as follows: The Delivery Type service provides a file that indicates the type of deliveries (i.e., P. Box, street, unique, military, and general deliveries) made within each 5-digit ZIP Code area in the United States. The Delivery Point Validation (DPV) service in conjunction with CASS-Certified address matching software validates delivery points.

Change-of-Address Information for Election Boards and Registration Commissions service provides election boards and voter registration commissions with the current address of a resident addressee, if known to the Postal Service.

The City State service is a comprehensive ZIP Code list associated with the appropriate city, county, and Post Office names. CDS service provides and updates delivery sequence address information by carrier route for qualified mailers.

We even establish the most common language in use for the area.

We use Runner EDQ’ CLEAN_Address product with our People Soft CS, HRMS, and FSCM applications as well as with our Advance Alumni software.

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