Nat wolff and allie dimeco dating

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Nat wolff and allie dimeco dating

Nonetheless, Allie Di Meco plays Rosalina; the siblings' cousin Jesse Draper portrays the group's puzzled nanny named Jesse Cook; and the boys' father Michael Wolff plays the siblings' father, Sonny, the latter whom Draper notes she wrote similar to that of a child.The Timmerman Brothers—a band no longer famous—consists of three siblings, who in real life are Polly's nephews, Nat and Alex's cousins, and thus Jesse's brothers and cousin.

The show stars Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff, the lead singer-songwriter, and drummer, respectively.

None of this was calculated at all on any of our parts.

What originally happened was that Nat and Alex had a band, and the idea evolved based on that.

In another instance, during production for the fourth episode of the second season, as the boys play restlessly on a purple sofa, their mother (who was not directing the episode) admonishes them over the loudspeaker by saying, "Both of you, try to smile more." Occasionally, family disputes occur on set; for example, in July 2008—after filming for a long period of time on the set—when Draper gives one of the boys' an instruction, one of them replies, "I know, Mom! Lee, the siblings act "chatty, guileless, fun-loving," much as they do in their genuine lives.

She also notes that, of the show's characters, "no one over 18 has much sense." Moreover, although portraying fictional characters, the ensemble cast—including Qaasim Middleton, as well as real life friends David Levi, Thomas Batuello, and Cooper Pillot—keep their full names on-screen.

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Spinal Tap meets The Little Rascals was my concept...

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