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The boys have seen me naked before, it’s not a big deal.”“I think I’m going home Eva, I really need to just…just think.” At home Greg and I silently went about our business of preparing for bed but it was bothering me the distance between us. ”“I don’t know, I guess because you never moved before so I just kinda freaked. I mean you never got naked before so I figured you wanted it.”“But Greg! You are my baby boy, I used to clean you and dress you and take you to school…we can’t…”“You keep saying that Mom but we already have, so what is the big deal? ” Then Greg did something I never expected, he grabed me and started kissing me!Eva’s words played over and over in my mind and I found it difficult to imagine our house without my son or my husband in it. “Greg, I need to talk to you.”“Yeah, I kinda thought this would be coming.”“What? ”I noticed that Greg was erect, his cock pressed against the sweat pants he usually wore before bed but worse I noticed him noticing me noticing.“What do you mean we already have? At first I resisted, I pushed against him and struggled but he held me.I was supposed to make him understand that if I touched him it was because I was helping him out, being a good mother.But now, he was throwing my bra across the room and his mouth was on my nipple, sucking deep.“Mom, oh god Mom, you taste so good. ” “Greg please…”“Mom you know you want it, just stop fighting.

“Listen, I’m going to go get something to drink, do you want something? ”“Rachael, have you not heard anything I’ve told you? ”“Well, yes.”“It’s ok Mom, I already know.”I was very confused and gave him a puzzled look that must have betrayed the disconnect between us. However he did laugh and then he turned on me.“Mom! ”“Greg, I…well if you didn’t think I was asleep then why did you run last night?

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I…”“Just say it Mom, just beg for my cock and I’ll give it to you.” Greg had my panties down and I was lifting my feet, helping him! I savored every hot release of his sperm into me, the feeling of his huge cock, so hot inside me. His father had owned me before him and now the son had taken over for the father. I was his slut, his whore, his to use and fuck any time he liked.

I was drenched from all the excitement and his fingers penetrated easily. Then my son, my little baby, my only boy buried his face between my legs and licked me! ” I couldn’t believe what was happening, I couldn’t believe my reaction and my excitement. It was as if I had finally figured out what was missing.

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Just my silk panties that he could easily see through.“Mom, just let it happen. I hadn’t had anyone put it there in years and I was tight, very tight. It makes those huge tits of yours sway, I love seeing them move around.”“Then fuck me harder my baby, fuck me hard and you can see whatever you like.”“Oh yes, your ass is so tight Mom, it’s so tight and feels so good. ”“I don’t know baby, but Mommy is here now, fuck me with everything you’ve got baby.”“Oh SHIT, I’m going to cum Mom, I’m going to cum in you.”“Oh Greg, cum! ”Greg pulled it out of my ass and pushed it deep into my pussy, immediately he unloaded his hot sperm into me. When he fucks me it feels like you Nick, it feels like your hot cock and spunk inside me. I didn’t care what anyone thought and I couldn’t wait to tell Eva what had happened.

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