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Most accommodating

These are not their fault, it is the fault of the school system that does not teach them the skills they need to learn these things.

If these errors must be corrected before a student hands in an assignment or can be be graded and passed on this work, then permit someone else to edit the mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. These are all very abstract concepts that do not make sense to the right brain which sees in whole concrete images. Getting ideas down on paper is much more important than fretting over spelling, grammar and punctuation.

* Test them orally if their hand printing is slow and difficult. * Permit the use of a computer to do written work if your student can type and are comfortable working on a computer.

It offers many advantages to the dyslexic student whereas hand printing or writing creates more problems.

T-boats, vintage, Can-Am and hydroplanes are a few examples that could be included into our events depending on selected venue locations.

For official OPBRA rules and membership forms, click here. Maybe it’s a friend’s fast ski boat, or your V6 bass boat, or a little-known weekend warrior—all can race.

* Contrary to the opinion that children should do their homework in a quiet environment, some Dyslexic students find music or TV as background noise helps them concentrate.

Also some of the students we assess find concentration in the classroom difficult when they are working independently on their school work.

OPBRA membership includes voting rights, reduced event registration fees, OPBRA t-shirt, and pit lanyard.

OPBRA events are spectator driven and we want to hear your suggestions and comments.

Event information, updates, and registration forms will be provided via the below links as information becomes available.

teach these skills, remembering that refusing this accommodation slows the students down, frightens them and take away their freedom to think and fulfill their potential.

If they do not achieve what they are capable of accomplishing intellectually they soon become depressed and give up.

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Do not give them open-ended questions that involve abstract instructions and must be worked out in a logical, step-by-step sequence to arrive at the answer unless you have thoroughly prepared them for this.

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