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I mean, I played Harvest Moon so technically it might be HM that has that spot, but when I was on some random flash site and played Festival Days that got me really into the whole dating sim stuff.I remember playing her games a ton, especially since, well, back then there wasn't much otome stuff x DI've followed her DA since around when Wonderland Days game out I think?yeah, i think part of why i really liked her games was that there weren't many other games like this (that i knew of), so this was a new and interesting game type i'd never experienced before.although, truth be told, i cannot for the life of me remember how i even discovered these games in the first place 😁Same I have no idea where I found her games x D I just remember looking around online for girl flash games and low and behold.I thought it was nice that the cheat codes let us see that the games weren't meant to be taken too seriously, and I'm glad Pacthesis had a sense of humor ~(and was Nathan the guy with glasses?cuz I thought glasses guy was pretty cute)I remember playing one that had a high school theme and a cooking mini-game and used a soundtrack from "Air".a lot of it was super clichĂ©, but I was also into clichĂ© rom-com anime and such (I think my favorite was Ouran High School Host Club lol), so I guess maybe that's why they appealed to 14-year-old me.

I also remember she had another story with that yellow thing (if I recall, we never knew i agree with you in saying that they seem pretty simple looking back on them now.The Sims series has come a long way since the tame days of the first game in the series.Those no-fun prudes would barely go near each other unless it involved making a baby.My favorite would probably be Kingdom days:) I also played Xolga and Mr Toko, and man, did that gave me feels x DI played them too, didn't think of them as otome back then.It wasn't until much later that I learned what otome was and got into it. I actually tried playing her latest game (that she announced YEARS ago) but it was just, you know, a simple flash game.

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I remember back when I was in my early days of high school and just discovering otome games, I would often play these little flash games made by a deviantartist named Pacthesis.

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