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Mission beach australia fuckchat nigeria

With the Australian economy facing an uncertain future, this unique park, one of the last bastions of affordable coastal camping, will become just another overpriced caravan park, the likes of which an increasing number of Australians simply can't afford to use.

This will be a huge blow to tourism in Mission Beach.

This presents an increased traffic threat to the critically endangered Cassowaries for which Mission beach is known and from which the council takes it's name.

It seems somewhat negligent that a council could make such a decision without careful environmental considerations and consultation.

There was once a time when council run caravan parks all along the Australian coast, presented an opportunity for ordinary Australian families to enjoy an affordable beach holiday.

That lifestyle has come under threat over the past 2 decades.

I for instance, spend my permitted 3 months at the park each year.

The current caravan park management has done an excellent job of running it, as did the previous management who were there for several years, building up a great deal of return trade in the process.

Trade based on a community made up of many familiar faces who migrate to the same spot for 3 months, year after year.

Transient visitors do NOT consistently pour money into the wider local economy, partly because they spend a greater portion of their daily budget on accommodation; not on groceries, not on fishing charters, not on fuel, not on sky diving, not on bait and tackle, not on white water rafting.

They invariably stay for shorter periods of time and bring supplies with them.

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Large retirement funds have been poured into the RV lifestyle and the caravan park industry has acted very opportunistically.

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