Mike cahill brit marling dating

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Mike cahill brit marling dating

There’s a scene where they argue over whether Pitt’s character should go to India to look into what may be a major scientific discovery.

“The early incarnations of that scene had her telling him not to go. We were trying to tell a story about a partnership with equality.

They even reference a birth scene nowhere in the film.

“And then someone else has to go figure that out in the editing room,” she says.“The type of research they were doing was for humanity.They could make serious money working for some pharmaceutical company.Six months ago, 27-year-old Marling was just another hopeful, living in shared digs with two screenwriter friends, trying to find a distributor for two micro-budget movies which were all that stood between her and a role in torture porn.Then both films, Another Earth and Sound of My Voice, got accepted at Sundance where they were picked up by Fox Searchlight.

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