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Lovely complex dating game

Risa has always been tall for her age, being taller than the tallest boy in grade school and notably standing 167cm (5’5”) by the time she was in her first year of junior high.

Risa then yells “today’s his birthday”, the crowd and Umibōzu then wish him a happy birthday as well.

Risa first met Ōtani at an Umibōzu concert that fell on Ōtani’s birthday during their final year of junior high (equivalent to 9th grade).

Risa’s mother promised she could go to the Umibōzu concert only if she made it into Maido Academy high school, which she successfully did with Chiharu’s assistance.

As Risa was walking up to the boy, she noticed he was crying.

She asked if he was alright and he responded with a simple, “Yeah,” before answering a phone call.

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Because of her love to help others look nice, she goes to vocational college to become a fashion stylist.