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I agreed to a monogamous relationship, and I've gone a year without hooking up with anyone else.He seemed genuinely relieved and said he felt more secure.But if they don't, GMHC, neither of you is going to have a problem finding a new partner.He can get himself a guy who likes being dictated to, if that's really what he wants. If your therapist is taking your husband's side in this, GMHC, get a new therapist.Be honest, ASSHOLE, just this once: Is the destruction of your wife a bug or is it a feature? Because cheating on this scale isn't about succumbing to temptation or reacting to neglect.It's about the annihilation of your partner—a (hopefully) subconscious desire to punish and destroy someone, anyone, fool enough to love you.I've mentioned this many times both in real life and on this website, but I'm going to mention it again because we must As with Abelena, this was another case where J. These two have been on and off for approximately 85 years, but they called it quits for good in April.

He told our therapist that every time I hooked up with someone, he was retraumatized because it reminded him of the time I broke up with him for six months 20 years ago.

Which means it's both ultimatum and bluff-calling time.

So long as your husband thinks he can dictate terms by pointing to his triggers and his trauma, GMHC, he has every incentive to continue being triggered and traumatized.

But on the off chance it would crush your wife to be told everything, just tell her about Ms. After a few tense years, we started couples therapy.

During therapy, my husband revealed that he was never in favor of the openness.

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So with your couples therapist there to mediate, tell him your marriage is either open or closed.