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Learn dating magic

If you are ambitious in your aspirations of the girls you want in your life, this book gives you solid foundational material and a reference manual to achieve it.

As with other Mystery Method inspired products, some students, in particular newbies to dating advice, may find it overwhelming and as a consequence challenging to implement.

Pointing out behaviors that are unacceptable, and mature and responsible ways to act that are both positive for women and yourselves where it comes to seduction and moving to sex with a woman. A discussion of the types of relationships that will be more fulfilling for your life, and the over-emphasis on multiple-relationships from dating products in general. Don't pursue something just because it feels socially impressive or some 'dating gurus' have said that they live that lifestyle.

There is a higher level of detail on techniques and concepts than with the original Venusian Arts Handbook, which was its inspiration.

Many dating gurus become dating gurus because of low self-esteem.

Having multiple girlfriends can feel very validating to men with deep self-esteem issues. But dating and relationship management are two different skillsets." I got a little weary of the number of plugs for Love Systems, its instructors and their products as I read through Magic Bullets.

So, if you're ready to learn and practice hard, come on in and get registered.

Comprehensive description of pick up artistry, "detail driven", extremely effective with high quality women, gives many clear rules and recommendations to use in situations, can help you fix unnatural dating behaviors you may have developed, integrates most of the good advice from the seduction community. Could be overwhelming for newbies/ beginners and scare them off/ demotivate them, difficult to implement because of sophistication - takes perseverance, a fair bit of talking up Love Systems instructors and products, doesn't address 'softer' side of learning.

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