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Lafayette dating

Although cherished by many today for their aesthetic beauty, the first squares were originally intended to provide colonists space for practical reasons such as militia training exercises.

The original plan resembles the layout of contemporary military camps, which were likely quite familiar to General Oglethorpe.

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Once the four wards were developed in the mid-1730s, two additional wards were laid out.

The layout was also a reaction against the cramped conditions that fueled the Great Fire of London in 1666, and there is speculation that Oglethorpe's military studies had made him familiar with the similar layout of Beijing (or "Peking," as it was formerly spelled).

A square was established for each ward of the new city.

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1770 plan of Savannah showing the first six squares.In the 20th century, three of the squares were demolished or altered beyond recognition, leaving 21.In 2010, one of the three "lost" squares, Ellis, was reclaimed.Oglethorpe's agrarian balance was abandoned after the Georgia Trustee period.Additional squares were added during the late 18th and 19th centuries, and by 1851 there were 24 squares in the city.

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