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Joo ji hoon yoon eun hye dating

The way Yoon Ji-ryun represents the character of the mother, a woman who raises her son with humour, with gentleness, is a theme that is universal. Lee Sang Yoon portrays the real type of guy that girls should suppose to have a crush on. no offense meant fo the others, but for me he's beautiful scruffy look makes me attracted to him so much. Am so fascinated on the acting of Darren park ( angel's eyes). Believe you me I took the pain of watching it on a series and on a disc without English translation. I love the story and I am now a fan of Park Dong-joo... Just because actors/actress look good or looks like they are romantically in love DOESN'T mean it's true in reality.

Lee's rendering of his character's grief and love for his mother is truly touching. Saw him in two episodes of Running Man too, i found that he's a calm and a little bit shy person, yet adorable with his smile. I love your role in Angel Eyes, you are a very handsome, versatile actor. I mean there so many K-Pop superstars but for me he's the only guy that is really my type. Not much into Korean drama series but when I saw the first few episode of "Angel Eyes" starring Lee Sang-Yoon as Park Dong-joo and Ku Hye-sun as Yoon Soo-wan, I got totally hooked up until the end. Uneducated wives, first lovers, LOVE DOES NOT DEFINE gender, beauty, status, It comes with in. combination lee sang yoon and ku hye sun is perfect and awesome..!!

He has displayed his unparalleled acting in angel eyes and liar game which i have to say, the two of the must see Korean drama of 2014 . I already finished watching AE but still keep watching it because i like you and Goo Hyesun. Hope to see you both do another project in the near future. So amazing cause i can see on ur diferent roles at same time. I shall cancel all the appointments I have just to have the chance of seeing him in person. You have the most handsome and versatile actor Lee Sang Yoon. I heard comments that's on line that SO NOT TRUE and OUT TO HURT THAT PERSON. THIS IS MY COMMENT.) It's great that Lee Sang Yoon's talent was found.

KHS and LSY souls are destined to be angels for each other..become the eyes to see and protect each other... I admire you in My Daughter Soyeong and really love you in Angel Eyes. Would there be possibilities for LSY to visit the Philippines . ( If I said it 100 times, it's because I truly believe in what I said.

Lee Sang-Yoon, I already watched "Angel Eyes and Seo-Young, My Daughter. You avery expressive eyes,that's what i've notice from you . Just finished watching episode 9, at the end of which the grown son hears his mother's voice on the recording of her cooking instructions. i’ve waited the whole episodes to see his smile again, but nope, it’s his cool-guy-role. May his tribe increase Lee Sang Yoon you are the best Korean actor I've ever watch. this is like the first time I totally got a big big BIG crush on a Korean actor or any artist whatsoever that makes me giggle like a teenager. Audience would like to apologised to Lee Sang Yoon, that is none of your fault....also audience couldn't assist you for the write out of this drama, as a gesture of goodwill, I've written one article for you at the beginning...... i hope they can be together again in another series drama... Simply because it's played out in most of the Korean drama, only difference is scenario and actors/actresses.

Now you're doing Liar Games, good luck good luck ... Hope that u will be more sucessful & happier in the future. Lee sang yoon you're my inspiration love you're character in Angel eyes You're character in angel eyes is amazing I feel the love and warmth you're characters as park dong joo simply inspires me mostly the love they share with yoon so wan I never watch korean dramas before but angel eye melodrama open my eyes to the beauty and art of Korean drama it is the best and has a heart filled drama I can't get over it. The way seo Deo Woo look at choi soo ah makes me melt. I'm just finished with angel eyes and make me fall so deep to him... i really en joyed " on the way to the airport" for me it was the best drama I've watched in 2016. And yes,this weeks im still having my exams but i can't take it unless to watch the dramas. He is my favorite korean celebrity, hope someday he'll meet some one very special. And I'm continue watch the "Seoyeong my daughter " . From here on will keep and waiting your new movies. I like his acting at the OTWTTA..eyes says everything. That character really make me to watch all drama/ movie/show that youre in. what a great actor, your smile has change my life... Im so in love with you right now.....were so hot and sexy( ep 1 :) ) and handsome in whisper....were so good also have an unspoken chemistry with actress lee bo were longer with you two kicking ass and being lovey dovey..... currently i am enjoying "whisper" such an amazing drama!! At the mean time keep up the good acting skill, good work and keep on smiling??? Watching "Whisper" and his part in this new drama is made for him. I can't believe it you doing such a great job with lee bo young . Hopefully he has the same kind heart in a real life... I really like the way you acted in goddess of fire and angle eyes. You are an excellent actor and you seems to have a very bright future.

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I fell in love with him in Master in the house, he's so cute and innocent and i laugh my butt off when every he thinks on the show and they put the computer graphics around him XD I cant wait to watch ABOUT TIME. Good evening, I just finished watching all the series of 空港に行く道 on the way to the airport and I love to watch all series again. I will always support your works, not your love life, and hoping you will appear in silver screen.. The acting Lee Sang Yoon delivered in this drama was fantastic. Well, whatever it is, everyone deserves happiness, and everyone should bare pain to feel happiness ;) :) I've just finished watching "On The Way to the Airport." So nice and thought-provoking especially for those who are married and those contemplating marriage. I enjoyed the chemistry that was set between every character.