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SHE married into rock royalty and dominated celeb columns for years alongside Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.But Jo Wood has been forging an independent lifestyle since splitting from her rocker ex, and now she'll need to use all her experience to fend for herself on Celebrity Island 2018 - here's all you need to know...

We've danced, sung and enjoyed the glorious sunshine with you in our Festival Village and ...around town.But I love how this song rocks." In the liner notes written for the 2000 reissue of Holland, Scott Mc Caughey asserted that the song was originally written by Wilson with his friends Tandyn Almer and Ray Kennedy, and that Parks "structur[ed] the song and add[ed] a middle-eight" before Rieley contributed a last minute lyric revision.However, Parks has said that he developed much of the song without Wilson's assistance: "I came up with that lyric when I was working with Brian, as well as the musical pitches those words reside on. On the tape, it's clear from the contents that I authored the words and the musical intervals to "Sail on Sailor." It's also clear that I composed the bridge, played them, and taught them to Brian." Brian Wilson biographer Peter Ames Carlin has corroborated Wilson's 2002 account of the song's gestation, stating that the song was essentially co-written by Wilson and Parks in 1971, with Kennedy and Almer's lyrical contributions dating from impromptu sessions at Danny Hutton's house during the epoch.Jo is a big advocate for organic products and ethical living, and as well as charity work on reducing emissions and encouraging people to go organic, she has her own range of organic beauty products.She also has a column in Fabulous & Natural Health Magazine.

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