Iwant to chat sexy girl

Posted by / 07-Jun-2020 19:30

Iwant to chat sexy girl

Will you be able to handle your entire life being turned upside down in your hunger for cock, your thirst for semen?

You will be wanted by real men, you can even dominate them to keep you in high heel shoes and sexy lingerie, like I do… Please bear with me while I get the first few steps ready, I assure you it will be worth it.

Everything you know now will fall away, you will become a sissy slut, a bimbo, a whore to be used for more than one real man’s sexual gratification.

If you go forward with this, your life will be changed forever, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, philosophically, occupationally, financially, emotionally and intellectually.

You are going to change your diet and increase consumption of estrogen rich foods.If you wish to email me you can do so by contacting me.If you are a domme and wish to help convert little sissy sluts into sexy girly girls, I can put you in charge of some already willing to change their lives forever, please contact me if you wish to help.Besides, it won’t be long before you are and you will be expected to do this as part of your training!Those who successfully graduate will become converted into sexy, slutty girly girls ready to please real men forever.

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Don’t worry it will be a softly softly approach at the start and safety checks will be implemented so you understand the process you are undertaking is permanent.