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Students gain an appreciation for the unique perspective of anthropology, including how anthropologists conduct fieldwork and contributions anthropology can make to effect social change.The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the field of anthropology, and to teach the student how to think systematically about how social groups work and how to understand human behavior in its cultural context.Stylistic, cultural, and historic elements are components of the course.This course introduces students to a variety of drawing tools and media.Students learn the fundamentals of viewing and undertaking ethnography, screenwriting, working with a digital camera, and editing.A key course objective is for students to acquire the basic skills to create visually interesting artistic statements through film that are a meta-commentary on contemporary youth culture.This course introduces students to the study of art history by focusing on one theme, one artist, or one form of art.

Films and slides are used in the presentation of works of art from the fields of architecture, sculpture, and painting.

It emphasizes the understanding of meaning revealed in the full range of folkloristic genres: oral literature such as the tales, sayings and poetry; material culture, the individual skills and techniques displayed by craftspeople and artists and the products resulting from their application; the social customs of rites of passage and festivals; and the aesthetically subtle performing folk arts such as singing and dancing.

The primary focus of the course for each student is the folklore and folklife of his or her own family and/or a Lasell Village elder's family and community, which is documented in archive-ready format and organized in a personal report of Family Folklore.

This course focuses on the encounter of the anthropologist and the filmmaker with that of his or her subjects and deals with issues of cultural perspective, gender, power, and authorship.

Through the film screenings, lectures, ethnographies, theoretical readings, classroom discussions and the creation of their own documentary film, students develop a critical perspective for viewing films, videos, and television presentation and representation of different peoples and cultures.

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Drawing from life, line, tonality, illusional space, and perspective are explored. This course provides an introduction to printmaking with an emphasis on the translation and development of images into a printed media, as well as the design and organization of space.