Is anthony cumia still dating melissa

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Is anthony cumia still dating melissa

Next they get all kinds of facial work done so they look like plastic sex dolls. Plus, he STOLE the Oscar from Michael Keaton, who deserved it. EVERYTHING: crappy by-the-numbers pop music, fake romantic relationships, fake friendships with other celebrities, fake 'girl' squad Russell Brand - always looks as if he's covered in a film of oil, I can't even look at him, he's so fucking repulsive Carla Bruni. Any celeb who always looks dirty, the kind of celebrity who you can almost smell through the TV or theater screen! The actor portraying him in the series, Darren Criss, is a million times better looking than AC. He's been in a bunch of TV shows and movies - he was the creepy Yellow King in True Detective, in Hannibal as a creepy surgeon , and I just saw him in Suburbicon and Waco. The Big Short was a great movie, how you could allow your hatred for Steve Carrel spoil it for you, is beyond my understanding. You just have to look at him to know he’s done some abhorrent things to get where he is.

It's creepy what the sex industry/their own issues does to these women and it makes me wonder 1) what damage they had in their pasts that led them to the life; 2) what do they tell themselves when they look in the mirror at their freak faces 3) how delusional they are. Maybe I know too much about their, um, "interesting " arrangement after years with them at Equinox, but even the way they look is creepy AF. I don't know if it's the icy cold eyes, the robotic smile, the wax-like skin or what, but she always creeped me out. UGHEzra Miller's disgusting FEET are a deal breaker, too bad, as he's a handsome sexy man.[quote] Isn't that Andrew Cunanan? Everyone who gets close to him falls to pieces sooner or later, which says a lot (Vince Neil, Vanity & Brandi Brandt to name a few....). R435 posted upthread stating Riz Ahmed was creepy, then they added a photo where Riz looked sexy.

I'd put the Olsen twins, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Natalie Portman in this large category. I can't stand women that do that over sexed 'I will eat your babies' mouth thing and seeing him do it made him unwatchable to me. You KNOW she hates white people and that not only really creeps me out, it offends me. A lot of his fanbase consists of conservative Christian types who pretty much ignore Steve's past.

If you've ever seen the original French version of Leon: The Professional, you'll know why I think Portman belongs; protective parents would not have allowed their child to make that movie. I feel sorry for all the girls who played daughters on Full House... The relationship advice books he has written have been reported to be very sexist, but his fans both male and female eat up his advice.

The Night Of was based on the UK series Criminal Justice which starred Ben Whishaw. I actually saw [italic]The Night Of[/italic] and liked it.

Unfortunately, I seldom remember names of lesser-known actors, so his name meant nothing to me, and I didn't recognize him from the Cunananesque photo posted upthread. [italic]The Night Of[/italic]is the only thing I've seen him in, but I picked up no creepy vibe from him whatsoever.

She started out with a fresh natural look (except for the clown boobs), then morphed into a big wreck.

Just makes me go "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."Jonah Hill. His eyes look demonic, like he sold his soul to the devil to get his success. I think with the female red heads it's because they also have tiny baby teeth that is an emphasized feature when their hair is red. John Cusack - something ineffably creepy and weird about him in every movie - how the fuck was he ever a teen idol? I'd put the Olsen twins, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Natalie Portman in this large category. Some of the basic lack of respect for both her and her position is shameful. History will be kind and reverent to the Obama Administration. Tyra Banks; I swear there's a trapped alien trying to break free from her forehead. It took me some time, but I finally realized she was either drunk or very high. Though he has zero acting talent, you can't take your eyes off him because of the aura of skeeviness that wafts off him in any movie. He pretended to be oblivious, which made her behavior even more obvious.Couldn't agree more about Leon: The Professional either... Over time, more people will find out about sexist and homophobic views.[quote]Over time, more people will find out about sexist and homophobic views. Since I was a child , Angela Landsbury has always made my skin crawl .even the "sanitized" version of that movie is fucking gross.[quote]David Copperfield Copperfield is a huge collector of antique coin-op and arcade pieces, and there's an annual show outside Chicago that starts about 5AM in a parking lot. Sad to say, black women don't care when it comes to successful black men. Mel Gibson is another one who Ive never liked , though I admit he was gorgeous in his youth .

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Agree with r339- Renner has openly bragged about getting away with things on movie sets and has the same flat, shark-like gaze as Woody Allen. Adam Carolla and Garrison Keiller both have an unsettling lack of affect. I'll add to the earlier Nell Carter vote and for the same reason of a certain manic, exhausting energy. Marlon Brando---based on those excerpts from his past lovers, is definitely a creep. I know he's smart and funny and earnest, but he gives me the creeps. Jesse Plemons------ ( creepy hick guy in breaking bad) he's just creepy Vince Vaughn----- will not see a movie with him in it Jonah what's his face.....cannot stand him. TARYN MANNING: crack whore junkie lookin' bad speaking useless...... When I saw him as the romantic lead in Les Miserables, I kept thinking, WTF?!? I am compelled to place my thumb over her chin, hiding it in order to bring the proportions of her face into better symmetry. In order to prevent the ruin of those who know me, will know me, may know me, this compulsion governs me as I walk by newsstands and see her photo on magazine covers.