Indigirka alliance dating

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Indigirka alliance dating

They used a dating technique perfected in the last 20 years that measures elemental changes in the rock that occur when the rock gets bombarded by cosmic rays after the glacier’s retreat.“We were expecting to find rocks exposed for 20,000 years, the date of the peak of the last ice age, but these moraines were much younger.

See details. The data collected in 20 confirm a theoretical study by Summer Rupper, a former UW doctoral student now at the University of Utah, and UW faculty member Gerard Roe.In very cold and dry environments, where rain and snow are scarce, it predicted that temperature would not always be the main factor driving a glacier’s growth.It compares them with glacial records from nearby mountains to reveal how glaciers behave in extreme climates.On some of the Gobi mountain ranges included in the study, glaciers started growing thousands of years after the last ice age ended.

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