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In pollen dating geological happenings

This gives additional insight into what was being eaten on a site, since the evidence from SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: chronology CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: The process by which an archaeologist determines dates for objects, deposits, buildings, etc., in an attempt to situate a given phenomenon in time., in which figures in solar years (often with some necessary margin of error) can be applied to a particular event.Simple augers bring up samples on the thread of a drill bit.More elaborate ones open a chamber to collect a core after the drill has bored to an appropriate depth.SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: pollen analysis CATEGORY: related field; technique DEFINITION: The study of fossil and living spores (of lichens and mosses) and pollen (of flowering plants); the technique through which the fossil pollen grains and spores from archaeological sites are studied.

All are studied in an attempt to recover the total environment of a past society and to understand man's impact on, and changes to, that environment.

It marked a sudden and marked decline in elm pollen in contrast to other tree pollens.

In some areas it was accompanied by a drop in frost-sensitive species such as ivy and mistletoe, while in many others it coincided with the appearance of plants associated with human settlements (plantain and nettles).

The sediments most frequently investigated are peat and lake deposits, but the more acid soils, such as podsols, are also analyzed.

Radiocarbon dates may be taken at intervals in the sequence, and it is possible to reconstruct the history of vegetation in the area around the site where the samples were taken.

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The methods have varying applications, accuracy, range, and cost.