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Those of us that played ball with this incredible athlete, ate breakfast every morning with him (don't take his fries!

) when the football team went to Ellie's, or enjoyed his big smile in the hallway, will always remember this special person.

He was kind, fun, a great athlete and I guess a bit troubled. David Abelson Dawn's mother and my mother were friends before either one of us were even born. She was a beautiful and talented woman who was very involved in school activities.

I can remember times that we laughed so hard I was afraid I'd stop breathing. He managed to find a shirt, pants, vest and tie that were all black and white checkered.I hadn't seen or spoken to Bruce in many years but was and still am very close to his cousin Amy so somehow, I always felt close to Bruce.I will always remember him with a smile Sharon (Stein) States, FRHS 1972 I was pleased to see that Lance had been remembered.I can still remember Lance laying sprawled out under my chair in my bedroom during one of our famous post-game football parties. She was a dear friend, always full of life and always vibrant, and so beautiful in every way. I am deeply saddened that you are no longer here to share your joy with the world. Love, Barbara Smith Roberts In remembrance of my loving grandfather, Mr. Years later he worked for Morris Oil Company reparing oil burners. Elisa (Bachrow) and Al Hinken Murray was my "Best Man" and a super friend for many years. His sister, Rochelle, was (and still is) one of my closest friends so I spent lots of time at their place in Wavecrest. Mean and tough Alan, But friends, he had hundreds, Wild parties with the gangs...We were part of the Clark's Candy Store group on Mott Ave. Annother one of our group that passed away much too early in life was Bob Seidman, also from the same class (1945). Although Steve appeared somewhat quiet and unassuming, he had a heck of a wit. Wavecrest, Fathers and 17th Street parking lots oh,boy!!! He was really a great guy and I loved him as did many of his closest friends.

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The last time I hung out with Bruce some 25 years later in Santa Cruz, CA - he hadn't changed a bit - I was still laughing. Funny how life is sometimes - while remembering Bruce and writing this memorial - he still makes me laugh after all these years.

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