Giving an ultimatum dating Adult chatlines in

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Giving an ultimatum dating

Giving an ultimatum to someone in your life is a game changing strategy, whether it's given to a spouse, lover, child, parent, boss, coworker, client or anyone else you interact with.

By the time you reach this stage, it's possible that you've already gone through a lot of trauma and difficulty as a result of this person's behavior, actions or comments and so it's likely that a lot of emotion is tied up in the ultimatum.

This situation is on you to resolve — not your partner.

"It is not their fault, and this is their source of income," she says.

Generally, it's common practice and universally understood that ultimatums are a bad idea, and that you really should avoid such an action at all cost.

"It is the 'open marriage now or divorce' ultimatum that seems to be the rage these days." Of course, open marriages are totally cool and can work really well if both parties are on board, but it has to be discussed and negotiated."For example, if one partner values alone time with their best friends every Wednesday, but the other would rather their partner be home with them because they don't love being alone, it's pretty terrible to threaten the relationship to manipulate one into giving up a value for the sake of the other's comfort."Word. Figure your own stuff out, but don't take it out on your partner."Compromise should always be on the table, but values should be respected as much as possible, and ultimatums shouldn't ever be introduced surrounding values." If your partner likes to go out with their friends once or twice a week, so be it."Choose this relationship or your dreams [is unfair]," he tells Bustle."A dream or aspiration cannot or should not be separated from the person — it's as if you cut off their head."First off, a really good question to ask yourself if you find yourself in this situation is the reason behind why you care so much about your partner's passion to begin with, since it's not about you.

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