Girlschat emmerich

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Girlschat emmerich

After the second EST meeting – while the background overhead projection announces ‘Communicating About Sex is Communicating About You’ – Sandra wants to know why Phil is here; it’s a bit soon for that, lady.But she gives it one more shot – this time an offer of emotional intimacy – but Phil’s gut is still telling him to work through whatever this is with his wife. P talks about killing Gene the computer geek but soon stumbles and flounders through what is his first EST moment: “It was hard Elizabeth, really hard” “I almost feel like – when I do this stuff – if I don’t …Back home in leafy suburbia, Paige heads for her bedroom to sob, and to avoid Henry. As Martha did last week, Paige reaches out – but to her Christian family. Maybe she’s also still grieving for a family she thought was hers but never existed. The stark contrast in E’s handling of Paige and her immediate grasp of Martha’s likely reaction seems to expose a particularly shapely Achilles heel. Later, at EST, we meet the delightful – and delighted – Jennifer who runs us past her last couple of days (“Just let me go down on you”).

Martha and Gene We met Gene the computer guy a few times around the FBI office, most recently talking to Martha about Walter Taffet (Gene was impressed with Taffet’s grasp of computer science).We see the husband losing faith – circled by another woman. To Reagan: “They are the focus of evil in the modern world”. It could be that religion is her blind spot and that when Paige came looking for answers, E had nothing to offer.Both kids have developed substitute families or parental figures and the wife might be developing traits not unfamiliar to her own cold, hard, uncompromising mother. In quick-cut succession we see individual family members overlaid with the closing passage of the speech: on the beat of “evil empire” Elizabeth is open-mouthed and turns to Philip, who isn’t listening. Nadezhda stares at Reagan; as fierce and defiant as ever. Did the meeting with her mother have an effect; is E re-evaluating as we all do when a parent dies?No, it was kind of boring’ ‘Thanks Mr Beeman, we had a nice time’. As well as being asked to live a lie, Paige can’t contextualise this: Russians?This is someone for whom verses like ‘thou shall not bare false witness’ are part of her identity. From overhead, we all see the prominent bedside phone. Where are they on a scale with drug dealers and liars?

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They know the truth but they lie “I had to let you go. Some key moments: “I don’t get how she could let you leave like that. ” “I’m praying for your mother” (not ‘my grandmother’). We know Paige is a newly baptised, bible class attending, mid teen suburban Christian. Answering her with “Everyone lies, Paige” seems insensitive and even dismissive.