Gay dating someone who is positive

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Gay dating someone who is positive

After the concert, they made plans to meet again soon and parted ways on the subway.On the train ride back to his home in Queens, Anthony felt excited and happy.But, contrary to the early eighties when being HIV positive was deemed to be a death sentence, being HIV positive now is considered a “manageable chronic disease,” thanks to the advent of anti-retroviral drugs.Although a cure for HIV/AIDS remains elusive, these drugs, or a cocktail of such drugs, have been able to successfully help HIV positive people live longer lives, by keeping the amount of the virus in the body at a very low level while boosting the number of T-cells, the white blood cells that fight infection in the human body.With a slight stubble on a boyish face and short, close-cropped hair, Anthony didn’t look anything like his 35 years.

He is a performer, looking to get back into the world of arc lights, now undergoing a strict training regimen with a voice coach.Goodman may have been easy on the eyes—but Anthony wasn’t too bad either.While the good looks came in handy in his career as a theater actor with a flair for music and dance, Anthony also had a day job as a paralegal at a law firm.As an HIV positive man dating in the city, Anthony has been subject to a number of varied reactions when he tells this truth about himself to a potential mate.“Some people have no problem whatsoever; they’re like, ‘No biggie,’” Anthony says.

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