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Free wetting chat

We propose a simple but general physical model that consistently explains these aspects of surface melting and QLLs.

Our model shows that a unique interfacial potential solely controls both the wetting and thermodynamic behavior of QLLs.–5).

We want more people to experience the alchemy of a great wine pairing, and technology helps us fulfill that need.

Its natural language processing and machine learning instantly cross references a database of 1000s of food and occasion pairings with 100s of delicious and curated wines. If Monty doesn’t know the answer to a question, it consults our team of awesome and eminently qualified wine professionals, before supplying an answer as quick as humanly possible.And, as mentioned, we think we’re the first of its kind.The promise of technology is empowerment — democratizing what was once for the few and making it accessible to the many.With the aid of in situ observations with our advanced optical microscopy combined with two-beam interferometry, we elucidate a thermodynamic origin of the formation of QLLs and their unique wetting behavior (pseudo-partial wetting and wetting transitions) on ice surfaces.We show that QLLs are a metastable transient state formed through vapor growth and sublimation of ice that are absent at equilibrium.

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