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Free mumbai sexvideo chat

She normally wore salwar kameez or saris in a very decent way.

She was very reserved with her friends and colleagues and earned their respect for her modest behaviour.

“Ajit, its almost midnight” my wife said, not alarmed, but a bit surprised that we had lost sense of time.“Ah , its ok, tomorrow is Sunday, and Nikhil is also staying ovbvernight with his friends.

Infact I feel like having coffee now” I said with a laugh.“No lets go home, I will make coffee for us” She said in her sweet voice. She was smart and educated and well placed in her job, yet not too modern or extravagant.

Hearing this the men laughed, “Sati Savitri banti hai, saali ko aaj randi banayenge”, said Saleem(“She is pretending to be saintly, We will make the bitch into a whore today”)My sophisticated convent educated wife was at the mercy of these lowly filthy goons. Seeing this Papoo, nuzzled his face in her breasts and started nibbling on it over her kameez. I groened in pain, but hardly any sound came out of my handkerchief filled mouth.“Listen slut, if u scream cry like that, I will make mincemeant out of your husband” Saleem warned my wife. I knew that was my Jyoti - determined and self respecting.

My wife raised her hand to push his face away , but this helped Suri meet his objective. Instantly Jyoti’s crying became softer and more muffled as if she was trying to swallow her sobs. She was almost pious when it came to sex and I was proud of the way she carried herself in public life.

But after this evening, I realized it was these small pleasures in life which I was missing. We began with a stroll in a public garden, filming each other on our video camera – to preserve the nice moments for posterity.

But the wet streets added to our carefree romantic mood.Chapter 1It was after a couple of years that my wife Jyoti and me finally saw a film in a cinema hall.I hardly get time from my busy work schedule and prefer to watch movies on television.The guy they were calling Papoo, slapped her hard a couple of times. The woman I loved so much and had taken care so delicately all these years was being treated so harshly right in front of my eyes and I could do nothing ! It must have hurt her.“Arey araam, se Suri” the tallest guy said “pyar se nanga kar isse,”(“hey , softly, Suri.Make her naked lovingly”)“Saleem bhai,,mera lund khara ho gaya hai iske choot me ghoosne ke liye, aur wait nahi hota” the man called Suri said laughingly(“Saleem, my cock has become hard for entering her pussy.

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