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Tar balls or pieces of tar in small numbers are found in the kelp and on the beaches.Native Americans used naturally occurring tar, bitumen, for a variety of purposes which include roofing, waterproofing, paving and some ceremonial purposes.In 1955 another FPS-3 search radar was added, and in 1956, a GPS-3 search radar was installed.

The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary encompasses the waters six nautical miles (11 kilometres; 6.9 miles) off Anacapa, Santa Cruz, San Miguel, Santa Rosa, and Santa Barbara islands.During World War II all of southern California’s Channel Islands were put under military control, including the civilian-populated Santa Catalina where tourism was halted and established residents needed permits to travel to and from the mainland.Santa Rosa Island was used in 1952 as a base for the USAF 669th AC&W Squadron and they operated two Distant Early Warning FPS-10 radars from the hilltops there.The islands are divided into two groups; the northern Channel Islands and the southern Channel Islands.The four northern Islands used to be a single landmass known as Santa Rosae.

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The base was shut down in March 1963, when the 669th was moved to Vandenberg AFB In Lompoc, California.