Freakonomics dating websites

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They may know that you don't need a certain surgery but will use fear (like the fear of having heart attack) to "sell" you on the idea.

You need this surgery to survive when really, you don't.

What evidence do the authors offer to support their claim that real estate agents exploit an information asymmetry to their client’s detriment?So the logal solution is to hire a real estate agent an expert at selling homes.However, the real estate agent also uses that to her advantage by setting and selling the price that gives her the most profit. Anyone can go online and do their own research on any home they want without realtors help.9.The Ku Klux Klan started out as just a circle of friend with like-minded views.Through the WWI and WWII the group was low but after the KKK grew and started causing more volience.

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However, it was the acts of Stetson Kennedy that caused the major drop in Klan members.2.