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He'd started to avoid her, spending the night at his club and the weekends on the golf links.

He found he could no longer even meet Agatha's gaze, particularly after he'd blurted out that he'd been having an affair with Nancy Neele, a 25-year-old secretary at the Imperial Continental Gas Association.

He had no sympathy with his wife's grief, and Agatha's misery left her 'bereft of joy and spirit', which is always the way with depression. Though she never recovered from Archie's betrayal, it was nevertheless her inspiration henceforward as an artist - the murderers and victims in her books are without exception adulterers, fast girls, cads, lounge lizards, charmers or couples caught up in a sexual frenzy.

Aside from the half-dozen titles published prior to 1926, her 84 novels and 157 short stories are an expression of her agony of mind and a prolonged act of retribution.

A pipe-smoking and pragmatic bachelor, 'Max decided that I would make an excellent wife for him,' recalled Agatha. If she saw the signs, they suited her - Max at least wouldn't be a womaniser. Unlike Archie, Max relished being kept in comfort - the first-class travel and food, the domestic staff and the beautiful houses that Agatha's earnings funded.

They had places in Kensington, Wallingford and Devonshire.

She was a lonely child, 'creating tales of intrigue and adventure', and amusing herself by learning about poisons. She qualified as a pharmacist in 1918, and always prided herself on an exact and professional knowledge of 'the bottles of arsenic and digitalis' - which were to turn up frequently in her whodunits.

She met Archie Christie, an air-ace in the Royal Flying Corps who bizarrely possessed 'a complexion that reminded her of roses', and married him hastily in December 1914.

There was an insatiable desire for violence and revenge bubbling within her - and the cause of this is not hard to seek.

It would explain her fondness for sporting hairnets.

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All 84 novels and 157 short stories remain in print.

Lewis or Tolkien, Dame Agatha Christie is big business - a brand, a corporation. She sold 2 billion books, which were translated into 105 languages.

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Like Miss Marple, Dame Agatha seemed a sweet old thing, with those old-fashioned glasses, shapeless clothes, and legs in brown stockings that ballooned from poor circulation.

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