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This solution returns only the address of the first cell of a range, not the address of the whole range ("Sheet1! I concatenated the cell range reference and worksheet name as a string and then used in an Evaluate statement (I was using Evaluate on Sumproduct). So I use it in a custom function: I found the following worked for me in a user defined function I created. " str Rng Name = str Sheet Name & str Cell Ref Public Function Get Address With Sheetname(Range As Range, Optional bln Build Address For Named Range Value As Boolean = False) As String Const Seperator As String = "," Dim Worksheet Name As String Dim The Address As String Dim Areas As Areas Dim Area As Range Worksheet Name = "'" & Range.

This allows you to open the other mailbox in your profile as another Microsoft Exchange account and once you do this, you will have full access to the contacts folder (along with all of the others folder in the mailbox.) Delegates should not open their manager's mailbox as a second mailbox in Outlook 2010.

The process of adding another user's Contacts folder to your own address book display is somewhat involved: After you restart Outlook, when you display the address book, you should see Joe's Contacts listed in the Outlook Address Book along with your own Contacts folder.

Any contacts folder that you see in the Outlook Address Book can be used as the data source for a merge with Word.

With some extra effort (see below), the Outlook Address Book can also display contacts from another user's mailbox, making it easy for an assistant to use the boss' contacts to address messages.

Display Other User's Contacts in Address Book | Notes | More Information This doesn't work in Outlook 2013 and newer.

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The Tools, Options menu is hidden when you open the Address book by clicking To.