Driver sd need updating please use bus type method

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Most probably, it took you minutes to press a proper key and then verify the result on screen, this process demanded all your conscious attention.However, as months and years went by, things improved up to the point where your typing became super-fast and semi-automatic — you don’t need to think about specific keys anymore, you probably don’t even need to look at the keyboard at all (touch typing). Such a process is called motor skill acquisition (or motor learning).Human visual system needs about 40 ms to process its input.Again, this number depends on many factors, varies between individuals and can be improved by training.Less latency results in “shorter” feedback loop, so we can type more easily, with greater speed and accuracy. After all, human reaction time is ridiculously slow — “round trip” from senses to consciousness to muscles takes about 200 ms!

The more feedback we receive during typing, the better. We can continue typing even if we plug up our ears, relying only on tactile sensations from our fingers.To get a feel of how latency, in general, manifests itself, I recommend you to check a great video from Microsoft Research that demonstrates that (though in a slightly different context) and shows that even 1 ms matters.As for the personal side — please keep in mind, that human perception differs — we should remember The dress and assume that other people might perceive / be affected by the typing latency in a completely different way than we do.Sounds simple, but make no mistake, its impact on typing process is rather complex, because typing is an amazing feat of our body and nervous system (at least, from engineering standpoint).Let’s start with the basics — why bother with latency at all? One does not “simply type” what he or she desires, we need feedback to perform that task, so that our senses form a so called closed control loop with our motions.

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This process can response of controlled system before receiving feedback data — by relying on a forward model of the process.