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1150 - 1350 Large pueblos, cliff dwellings and towers are the rule. Red, orange and yellow pottery on the rise as black-on-white declines. D 1600 - present During the first part of this era the Spanish military, church and civil domination and rule of the pueblos drives the Pueblo religion underground. Pottery consists of corrugated gray and decorated black-on-white in addition to some decorated red and orange vessels.The Anasazi culture is believed to have gradually evolved out of a nonagricultural base of the ancient Desert culture, once widespread in western North America, though precise evidence of the transition has yet to be discovered. 50 These early Anasazi camped in the open or lived in caves seasonally. Most of the traditional Anasazi villages in the Four Corners Area are abandoned by 1300. However, the resilient and resourceful Pueblo still live and maintain their thousands-of-years-old culture.

then, may be a species that was the result of natural selection.The remains of domestic dogs have been found in many archaeological sites in Arizona.No evidence suggest that these dogs were killed or used for food.Many villages across the world are home to dogs that live as scavengers and who are not intentionally cared for by humans.The first primitive dogs were likely very similar to these scavenging village dogs.

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