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In addition, you can use the control to insert new rows and to update existing ones.

You control the mode of the example, the next exercise requires no coding from your side.

VS is just cautious and adds them to all columns and tables.

You can leave them in, but if you write your own SQL statements you don’t have to include them (although you could if you wanted to).

All you need to do is drag and drop a few controls, set a few properties, and you’re done.

Obviously, these code-free pages have limitations that make them less useful in more advanced scenarios.

With the theme removed, it’s easier to focus on the functionality of the Management section, rather than be distracted by layout issues.

If you click the same header again, the data is sorted in reverse order.

You can move to another page in the grid by clicking the numbers at the bottom. Click the Edit link for one of the genres, change the name in the text box that has appeared, and click the Update link.

When you enter some values and click the Insert link, a process similar to updating with the table.

If you click the Insert link without entering a name or sort order, you’ll get an error.

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Remember, there’s a script file in the control that should open automatically (if it doesn’t, click the gray arrow on the upper-right corner of the control or right-click the control and choose Show Smart Tag), check all the available check boxes, shown in Figure 13-4. The links in the left column enable you to edit, delete, and select the relevant genres.

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