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Sometimes we women/girls have too much of a kind heart and have to harden it a little bit, for our own good/well being, weather it’s friends/boyfriends/family. This statements makes a lot of sense and definitely holds true.

Sometimes, no matter how smart/wise we think we are, when we hear statements coming from others it really opens up our eyes even more and makes us see/understand something in a manner we may not have before.

Dealing with physical abuse, verbal abuse and mental abuse. Being that I work for the State of New Jersey, as a state employee we are mandated to attend a variety of classes (abuse) is one of them.You do have some females out in this world who are going around attacking males, as well as other females on the streets.Remember, there are many crimes that take place that we all don’t hear about all the time.I will defend males, as well as females when it comes to abuse.I myself as a woman can honestly state the fact that some violent acts occur because there are women (who actually provoke men into fights), over money, over break-ups, over drugs, over obsession (they come at these guys with weapons).

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For a woman or girl to blame themselves for a guys behavior is rediculous (unless as I stated it’s a case where you are coming at them with a weapon).

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