Ddclient not updating ip

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Ddclient not updating ip

While googling around for a better solution, a friend on IRC pointing me to a utility that has been around since BIND 8: nsupdate.

nsupdate is a fantastic little utility that enable quick and secure DNS zone updates.

This article describes how to setup dynamic DNS, and provides some examples of use.

For Fedora Core (and Red Hat) users, you will need to install both the bind (for dnssec-keygen) and bind-utils (for nsupdate) packages.

Install ddclient in ubuntu sudo aptitude install ddclient This will complete the installation Configuring ddclient If you want to reconfigure you seetings use the following command dpkg-reconfigure ddclient You want to make sure it runs as a service and monitors changes in ppp–something that the install wizard doesn’t cover.

For example, if you wish to fight spam by running your own DNS "blackhole list" (blacklist), nsupdate makes it trivial to automate updates.

TL; DR Is there anything I can do to change iptables from ddclient (with user ddclient)?

The story behind I have a computer that uses dyndns to be addressable from outside.

The send line directs nsupdate to send flush all updates listed in the file to the nameserver.

The final step is to execute the script, passing the text file you just created (in this example) to the update script: That's it!

ddclient not updating ip-58ddclient not updating ip-3ddclient not updating ip-53

Setup is quick and painless, and use is fairly intuitive for anyone remotely familiar with DNS, and skilled enough to admin their own Linux system. This key is created by running the dnssec-keygen utility.

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