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I would start acting up - just like a little bratty kid.I could even SEE myself doing it, and KNOWING that it was killing my chances with this girl... And then I went on this massive inner game "quest" I guess you could call it.Have you ever felt:'re destroying your chances with women because you don't have the level of self-confidence you need?'re barely maintaining your level of confidence with women - and sometimes you feel like you're actually back-sliding in your game?What do you need to feel in order to get your "Inner Game" handled?Ultimately, it really boils down to a feeling of control over your own life.Otherwise you end up with game that looks like this: This is what you don't want...See that small area where "inner game" and "outer game" intersect?

It's like looking for a needle in a haystack - of needles! The bad part was I And then I went and got jealous of how much time she was spending with her other friends. This one you might relate to: I was dating another girl, Shelly, for a couple months. Until about AM, when I finally realized she was staying the night somewhere else... It was over 8 months before I got out of it completely. I feel a little sick just talking about it right now. During this time, I finally found the skills I needed to overcome my emotional issues.And, in reality, just by using another guy's lines and words, you're sending a subtle message to your self-esteem that the only thing you can do to attract women is NOT be yourself. But Don't You Need Techniques and "Outer Game" Stuff To Attract Women? So, yes, you absolutely need the techniques and conversational strategies that I teach.BUT the fact is that you simply cannot run completely on "Outer Game" scripts either - on techniques and routines - all by themselves.If You Don't Have Inner Game, They Won't Go Beyond "Let's Just Be Friends..." I see a lot of guys learning the "48 Second Technique To Get A Woman's Phone Number." Yeah, great stuff, until you realize that this will not guarantee you: In fact, getting a phone number is only the START of the game.If you don't have the confidence and psychology mastered in advance, you probably won't even get past the approach - IF you even approach her at all.

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Women want it from us, and guys spend most of their lives working on feeling it and showing it.

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