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Dating vintage rotary watches

This bronze-cased dive watch is a Benarus Bronze Moray produced in August 2012.

The movement is a : The Super Ocean was developed in the 1950's for professional and military divers.

The Not so much a "watch", this is more of a "wrist-top computer".

As well as all the normal watch functions including a calendar and chronograph, this device sports an altimeter, thermometer and barometer.

These watches are very similar to the GSTP watches issued to the British Army (see examples below) except that they lack luminescent paint on their dials and hands.

Accounts suggest that such watches were more practical than wristwatches as they could be laid on the maps and charts from which the airmen were working and be more easily read at a glance. I haven't bought a watch for about a year and a half but, having spotted this on Amazon for crazy money I felt that it would be rude to not buy it!

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Originally water-resistant to a depth of 200 metres, these latest models can withstand the pressure at depths of up to 1500 metres and feature an escape valve which allows helium (built up after long stays at depth) to be evacuated from the watch case which would otherwise explode when returning to the surface.: The origins of Bulova can be traced back to 1875 when Joseph Bulova (a 23 year old immigrant from Bohemia) opened a small jewellery store on Maiden Lane in New York City, USA.

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