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The best dating connections aren’t usually made at 2am on a dark dance floor, but in a more laid-back, sociable context.

With that in mind, try and seek out events that will allow you to mingle with local people in a more relaxed and natural setting.

Dating in South America requires a certain amount of patience (more than you might expect in your own country) – dates may well turn up half an hour late, or even cancel a few times to gauge your interest.

If you really like the person, you’ll need to show some patience.

The bonus of this is that your laid-back attitude is likely to be far more appealing to potential dates.

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As sociable as many South American cultures can be, they can also be quite bad at timekeeping and turning up on time for things.

It’s seen as bad form to turn up to a date in shorts and flip-flops (unless, of course, your date is a fellow traveller or is super-relaxed), and people tend to respond better to people who have made an effort.

You don’t need to pack your tux, but make sure a decent pair of jeans and a shirt find their way into your backpack (and that they get washed regularly).

So, by all means, get yourself a Tinder account before you travel, but understand how it’s used.

Dressing down isn’t really a thing in most South American countries, and dating is no exception to this rule.

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Not to suggest that people in South America don’t enjoy a drink or two, but nights out are far less focussed on alcohol consumption than in many Western countries, and you’re far less likely to strike up a conversation with someone at a bar or nightclub if you’re really drunk.

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