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As the challenged party, Hamilton had choice of weapons and location, and from the comments made to people by his deathbed over the course of the day it took him to die from the gut shot Burr had delivered, he knew the pistols well.

The helmet is fragmented and corroded, but its face plate, even buried on its side, is instantly recognizable as the iconic emblem of Greek warriors from Athena to Pericles.

Preliminary analysis based on the layers, the tomb style and its location indicate it dates to 1000-1200 A. A sample from the bundle is in the process of being radiocarbon dated now. The excavation was part of the Ychsma project, named after the indigenous people of the area.

After nine weeks of work, this year’s dig was almost over when the team discovered the bundle in large structure believed to be a sanctuary to the ancestors.

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The original pistols used by Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr in the 1804 duel that claimed the life of the first Treasury Secretary are temporarily on display at the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum. They were sold in the 1930s to Manhattan Bank which, in a poetic coincidence, had been founded by Aaron Burr in 1799 to compete with Hamilton’s Bank of New York.

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The pistols were the ones used in the 1801 duel between Alexander Hamilton’s son Philip and George Eacker.