Dating site for cancer patients

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Dating site for cancer patients

I said, ' Teaching moment: This is a tattooed aureole, and this is a reconstructed nipple.' And he was like, ' Cool! I get called fearless, but I’m not: Part of the reason I’m searching for a partner is that I fear my cancer will recur and I’ll end up alone, without someone by my side. It took me a long time to love and be comfortable with how I look.So now that I am, my attitude is, ' F--k it, this is me.

' And then I showed him a topless picture that I’d taken after my surgery.

“Breast cancer survivors offer a unique understanding of the value of life—and love.”) The women you’re about to meet— Jenny, Kristina, and Nicole—are proof.

Jenny Saldaña, 45, an actress, comedian and Ford Model of Courage living in New York City; diagnosed 11 years ago"When I signed up for OKCupid, they asked, What’s the most private thing you’re willing to admit?

I’m on and The League, the members-only app that I admit is a little pretentious. But for me it’s important to reveal something so personal face-to-face.

I say in my profile that I’m involved with the breast cancer charity The Pink Agenda, but I don’t mention my diagnosis or link to my Instagram, which has pictures of me doing things as a survivor. Let them see that I’m young and healthy, and go from there.

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I almost always talk about my cancer on the first date.

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