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Dating shows from the 90s

Once part of NBC's famed Must See TV Thursday night lineup, Caroline in the City was a sweet romantic comedy about a cartoonist who lived in Manhattan.

The show's biggest attraction was the chemistry between Caroline and her grumpy illustrator Richard.

Because it isn't available anywhere for younger viewers to watch.

This kid's show had a cool, but slightly too ambitious premise.

Not every show can be as beloved as Friends though, and there are lots of '90s shows you definitely forgot existed. How about the show that introduced the world to Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion? Chances are the answer to those questions is either "no" or "vaguely." That's OK, even the most devoted '90s fan could not have consumed every show the decade offered up.

That's why Girl Meets World and Fuller House exist — because letting go of the comfort of '90s TV shows is not a thing anyone is prepared for.

While it's hard to imagine Jon Hamm not doing well on a TV dating show, that's exactly what happened during his real appearance on .

While the clip is real, some of the details were changed to better fit the show.

The whole show was loud and absurd, but it had its moment in the pop culture sun.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Boy Meets World both featured episodes spoofing the show during their runs.

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For instance, Richard Wayne says that Mark and Mary — the woman whose attentions they were competing for — went to the zoo as the prize for their date, that's fake news.

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